Da zoo–photos!

Graydon continues his mad documentation of things, and he managed to get some really good shots of some weird beasties at the zoo, including the dreaded Pink Ninja. So, for your viewing pleasure…

 I observe ducks. Yes, that’s me, looking like a Russian peasant. I include this because A) they were cool mandarin ducks (although alas, not eligible for lifelisting) and B) I really, really love that coat.

This one’s for fatfred and the rest of the local otter lovers…(What are they looking at?)

A burrowing owl. Possibly visiting the holodeck. (A keeper came in and present him with dead chicks, but alas, he did not start noshing while we were there.)

Pink Ninja visits the thriving metropolis of Toronto, and wishes it to be known that it is COLD.

This is a pygmy marmoset. I believe they feed it dead babies.

This is a saw-whet owl. I believe they feed it marshmellows and concentrated Cute-On-A-Stick.

Pink Ninja has had enough of this foolishness, and wishes to be warm again. She is apparently oblivious to the suspiciously phallic rock formations in the background.

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