Blargh, I keep running out of ink. Blargh I say!

And then I realized I had no writeable CDs, and I really needed one RIGHT NOW and then there was much panicking and running in circles and flapping of vestigial wings.

But all is well. I have CDs. I have chili for breakfast and mac & cheese for dinner. My innards may not be happy, but the outards* are quite pleased.

Today in BPAL — “Absinthe” — black licorice with a faint bite. Exactly as advertised. Quite pleasant, actually, and I have a certain fondness for absinthe, I must admit. Also, the study to which I keep referring about odor and male arousal lists black licorice as one of the top scents. So, cool! Doesn’t last terribly long, but smells good while it does, if sharp. I’ll wear this.

“Kill-devil” — Whoa! Caramel! Dude! Overpowering out of the bottle. After an hour or two–and an attempt to wash it off–it actually mellows down to a fairly tasty smell. Might use this, but in wee little doses.

“Tombstone” — This smells like…uh…rabbits? I get bunny barn out of this one to start. Very organic, very…OH! Cedar! That’s the reason!  After awhile some leather comes through, but the cedar reminds me overwhelmingly of small animal bedding. It’s a nice smell, but the associations aren’t “sexy” to me, they’re…well… “rodent.”

“Shadow Witch Orchid” — Sweet and floral, which I initially thought I wouldn’t like, but it’s actually rather nice. Unless it morphs horribly, I’ll actually wear this one.

*This is a word, right?

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