More Bpal!

I have so damn many imps, I’m having to go through these at top speed just to keep up!

Fortunately the most common negative occurrence for me–“Turns to powder”–happens within about ten minutes, so I’m able to rule them out pretty fast if they do that.

I think I’ve figured out another selling point…so many of them are REALLY COOL but don’t work on your skin that you go nuts trying to find the one that DOES. ARRRGH! (So far “Dee” has actually been the best.) It’s like an ongoing battle against my skin chemistry, and now I’m determined to find one that works!

On the other hand, the Red Army is currently invading, as ’twere, so I’ve got to re-test some of these in two weeks, just to see if there’s a notable difference.

Today’s run:

“Elegba” — wow! Coconut! Initially dismissed it as too sweet, but it actually mellowed nicely and smelled pretty good. Unfortunately the nice rum and tobacco complexity underneath eventually went away after a few hours, and I was left with coconut, which mostly just smelled like suntan lotion.

“Black Tower” — This was nice and piney,  and it actually lasted for well over an hour as an interesting smell, but then…yup…powder. Darn.

“Imp” — “Hey this is kinda ni–oh, hello Mr. Powder.”

Currently testing “White Rabbit” which is starting as a weird smell I can’t even begin to define…pepper, cream, and lemon, sort of…? We’ll see how it dries.

ETA: White Rabbit kept morphing. I dunno about that one.

“Dracul” — nice, lovely, woodsy…and after an hour it was pretty much gone.

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