I have been busy!

Monday was seriously awesome. I went to the zoo with a webcomics colleague, and a very nice zookeeper took us on a behind the scenes tour. I got to pet the oscelot! She licked me! Eeee! (My friend and I wandered around for about an hour giggling at random and going “Eee! Ocelot high!”)

And they had vampire bats. The bats have little feeders full of blood (with anticoagulants, of course) and they land and hitch themselves along the ground and lap at the feeders. They are adorably hideous. I spent way too long watching teeny vampire bat tongues.

We went to look at the bobcats afterwards, and my friend was crouched down in front of the glass. One of the bobcats stopped in front of her and looked at her thoughtfully for a moment. “Hello there!” she said.

The bobcat promptly turned around and sprayed the glass an inch in front of her nose.

It took awhile for me to recover from that.

Other than that, busy, busy, busy, work work work, and when not working, I’m running off to Game Night or hanging out with friends. This last week has been pretty insane on the run-around-like-chicken-with-head-cut-off front. (And to think I used to worry that I’d have no social life…)

Theoretically I have the weekend off. Theoretically. Probably this just means it hasn’t filled up yet…

And now, back to work!

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