Demo went well!

Well, at least I think it went well. I may be deluding myself, of course, but I had fun, and there were several people who asked very intelligent questions, and a trio who drove up from Charleston who were a lot of fun to talk to. I’m told there was a medium sized turnout for such a demo–people come out mostly for the painting demos, of course, and they’ve got plenty of those, so those of us working with the Freak Media of course attract fewer. *grin*

My thing is that I’m not much of a teacher, but a good conversationalist. So it tended to ramble a bit, and I would stop to sing the praises of various  totally unrelated media. (Quoth the manager: “Aaagh! Stop using all these supplies that we’re discontinuing!” Ursula: “If you discontinuing the PITT pens, I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.”) So hopefully it was at least fun!

They want me to do another one on this topic, since people seemed interested, so I’ll probably wind up back there next month. (Yay! More gift certificates!)

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