Waaaay Too Much Information Re-Re-Redux

I was taking a hot bath a few days ago, and in a fit of madness (God, I HAVE to start making sure I have better reading material in the bathroom…) I denuded more or less everything between neck and knee. (Surprisingly easy to do, I must say, I had all these terrors of wielding a razor in those areas, but it was really rather simple.) I’ve been shaving rather more aggressively in that vein for awhile, as past entries have shown, but this time I decided to take it all off.

One of the NICE things about being single, zits and centipedes and cooking aside, is that you can do any damn thing you want to yourself in the grooming department without embarrassment. A good time for experimentation in that regard!

Look, it was for science, okay?*

“Huh,” I said, studying the results in the mirror. “I look like a prepubescent girl.”

This evening, as I got out of the shower, I looked again in the mirror and said “Great. I look like a prepubescent girl with five o’clock shadow.”

Hmm. End analysis…probably not worth it to shave. Might be worth it to get the full Brazilian wax, but the stubble is too coarse and the skin too sensitive for shaving to be a long-term solution, plus it’s just not terribly attractive…while I imagine many men are pleased by the lack of obscuring fuzz, I am so incredibly pale, particularly in that region, that I get the five o’clock shadow look almost immediately, and the slightest irritation or ingrown hair stands out like red neon, which I’m guessing would entirely negate the attractiveness of removal of said fuzz.

Mind you, texture-wise it’s kinda nifty, the skin is certainly hyper-sensitive, and I’ve heard it’s awfully convenient at certain times of month on the hygiene front, but I dunno. I don’t feel strongly enough about it to find it worth the trouble.

 Will allow landing strip to grow out, and see how that degree of topiary compares to the other two extremes of “Screw it,” and “Slash and Burn.”

*I will do virtually anything in the name of science. This worries me occasionally.

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