Went over to my buddies Mike & Amy’s house for Anime Night, and wound up watching the Dragonlance movie, the animation of which was several steps below abysmal, and the plot of which…well, we all read the Dragonlance books, didn’t we? Didn’t we?

I weep for my lost braincells. I read those books at the exact age when my retention of useless information was at its height, which means that I remember…way, way, WAY too much…

“What’s that melting in the pool of acid?” asked Amy, baffled.

“Some of the draconians turn into acid when they die,” I said automatically. (This was actually never adequately explained in the movie.) And then “Oh, god, I hate that I know that…”

From this we went to “The Mothman Prophecies.” I have mentioned that I’m terrified of Mothman, right? It’s my greatest irrational fear. Friggin’ Mothman. Fortunately, the movie’s not nearly so scary the second time around, since you already know you’re not going to see Mothman in any great detail. (Sort of the opposite of “Signs,”–they don’t show enough to be truly terrifying, whereas “Signs” showed way too much. But that’s another rant, and I’ve probably ranted it already…)

The Bad Bad Rubber Piggy episode of Invader Zim made it all better though. And the cats are now playing Pounce-and-Swipe with each other, and apparently both parties are enjoying themselves, so all is right with the world.

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