This is the best soap in the world.

It’s so eco-friendly that they encourage you to bury the packaging in a landfill or a garden, because there are plant seeds in the packaging. Which is nice–although bein’ me, I start muttering about non-native species, but it’s basil and amaranth, not sage or mint or something–but the real glory of the this soap is the smell.

It smells so awesome–spicy, not sweet or fruity, a preference of mine–that I find myself surripetitously sniffing myself during the day. This is the soap that smells how I wanna smell. It is sold nowhere around here any more–they sold out of this flavor at World Market and haven’t ever re-ordered–and I was delirious with joy to find it on Amazon.

Three bars arrived today. Life is good.

Also, my gratitude for the two books that also arrived today! (I’m particularly excited about the book on rats.) Man, my friends and fans and readers are so damn awesome. I wish there was something I could do as thanks for all the nifty stuff y’all have gotten me this Christmas. The first holiday single is traditionally a rough one, but y’all have helped immensely.

And now, back to the art…

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