I have a sore throat. It’s been lurking in the mornings for a few days, and I sorta thought that it was probably just the really dry air now that the heat’s running regularly, but I’m beginning to suspect that it is, in fact, The Plague.

But I’m still not sure. It’s taking its own sweet time. I should probably lay in a stock of soup and instant lemonade* now, while I am still capable of ambling to the store and back under my own power. I don’t actually MIND if I get sick at this point–I have plenty of TV stored up in the DVR, including “V for Vendetta” and “Narnia,” I have video games, I can lay on the couch and go “Blaaaaargh,” drag myself to the computer long enough to do Digger and concept work for this one project, then crawl back to the couch and go “Blaaaargh…” some more. I just wish it would strike, lay me out, and get it over with, rather than dragging on in this kind of low-level misery.

Also, and somewhat more alarming, I am getting this deranged urge to go see “Beowulf.” (Not in the anticipation that it will be a great movie, mind you. But I have a vast appetite for bad action films, and I am of course required by law to see anything Neil Gaiman has been involved with.)

Anybody local wanna go see it with me in the next week or so, assuming I’m not doing my Night-of-the-Living-Dead impression?

*Call me a lunatic, but Grandma always swore by hot lemonade in times of suffering. I can’t say it’s good, I can’t say it works, but it at least takes me back to childhood.

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