Ben has lost a quarter of a pound! Yaaay! The vet and I rejoiceth! Now just a pound and three-quarters to go…

Poor Ben. Most cats punish you emotionally after a trip to the vet. Ben, however, has been in so many shelters (I suspect) and spent so long at them (I know!) that he’s just so glad you didn’t LEAVE him there that he’s a snugglebug for the rest of the day. This always leaves me torn between vast affection–“Who’s my big Ben? Who’s my big tabby boy? D’awww!”–and righteous wrath for whoever left him in this state. Whatever idiot dumped Ben, I hope they get a ninja infestation in the ceiling. Jerks.

I’ve been thinking that a good way to get out of the house regularly–since I don’t want to start a part time job–would be to volunteer somewhere a day a week. I’d like to work with animals. I also don’t DARE work with domestic animals, because I’d be bringing them home. Can anybody recommend some good local wildlife rehab places that need enthusiastic (and patient) amateurs, or would I be better served just cold-calling the local listings?

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