Somewhat less frustrated today. A long bitch session at a bar with a buddy helped quite a bit, (Oh, to be able to drink again! Oh well, soon enough…) anti-anxiety meds and a solid night’s sleep without staying awake for three bitter hours helped a bit more. Plus I finally got past that bit with the rotating blade pillars in “God of War,” owing to either sheer bloody-minded stubbornness (If I have a totem, the Balked Mule is definitely a contender) or the Zen-like calm of the anti-anxiety meds, which allowed me to climb and fall and climb and fall for nearly an hour without losin’ my shit and putting the controller through the TV screen.

That the TWO pillars have no manual save point between them, requiring that you defeat them both in one sitting or be forced to redo the first one was poorly done, but I’ve heard the level was rushed, so I shall say no more about it, even if at one point before the meds took hold I heard myself snarling “If I ever meet the level designer for this bit, I will teach him a new definition of pain!”

Life goes on.

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