I am frustrated.

It’s not one insurmountable thing, it’s just a whole lot of minor agitations, on top of my standard personal frustrations. I dreamed last night that my teeth were falling out, except it was only my crowns, which are something I can deal with–it’s actually happened to me, and you just cement the buggers back in until the dentist is available. Since “teeth-falling-out” is one of the classic anxiety dreams–I am skeptical of dream interpretation under most circumstances, but this one is so universal that I’ll give it a pass–I’d guess this variation means that yes, I am under stress, and it’s annoying, but it’s all things that I know I can deal with. Which is comforting on one hand, but still–frustrations!

Then the dreams turned sad and frightening, with heavy Philip K. Dick overtones, roving gangs of drugged-up teenage cannibals, and for some reason, the cast of “Night Court.” (You see why I am skeptical of dream interpretations!)

I woke up much too late. It’s gonna be one of those days…

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