Hrrmph. This painting didn’t work.

I’m putting it on e-bay starting at a buck, so that I get it out of the studio and it stops glaring at me. Back to chickens. I figured out what’s wrong, now I just have to make sure I can duplicate success before I move on to other birds.

Oh, well. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

On the bright side, it was a spectacularly gorgeous day, warm and balmy, the sky clear and cloudless blue. I flung the doors and windows open. It made me want to clean. The apartment’s already pretty tidy though, so I just did all my laundry and cleaned out the fridge. Since I have the Bachelor Fridge, that meant I threw out some aged ranch dip, but it’s a symbolic thing.

Fortunatelyit will be cold again tomorrow, or else I would be forced to find something else to tidy, which might lead to me organizing my bookcases, and that particular Herculean task is best suited for artist’s block or something equally dire.

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