Ladies and gentlemen, I have just recieved the highest praise that a writer of fan fic can possibly attain.

Well, thank you.  Thank you VERY much.

(Title omitted to protect my Secret Identity) made me fight so hard for composure that I had to read it in very small sections and still couldn’t avoid turning random colors and
shaking uncontrollably with barely-suppressed laughter, to the point where a
co-worker asked me if I was epileptic.  (Title also omitted) was hardly less

And now, thanks to my utter inability to wait until I get home to read your
work (which, side note, is just this side of brilliant), this new story has
managed to make me wet myself.  Quietly, and at work.

I’m sending you the bill.  (One pair pants, one pair undergarments, one
ergonomic padded chair…) And you’d better believe I’ll be voraciously
reading anything else you put out.

Incontinence, the highest form of flattery.

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