Musing on Wii-ness, it suddenly occurred to me that it’s been awhile since I played a game other than a desultory pass through WoW.

A really long while.

A…oh my god, was the last game I played REALLY “Viva Pinata”?! For the 360, which my ex-husband retained possession of, meaning I haven’t played it since I moved out?

Holy shit, no wonder I’m going barking mad. Get that woman a video game infusion, stat!

I hied myself down to the local GameStop and raided the used “Greatest Hits” section for classics that, owing to one thing and another, I never played. What the clerk thought when confronted by a mad-eyed woman carrying copies of “Harvest Moon” and “God of War” we’ll never know, but his expression was not unlike the video store clerk who once rang up two rentals from the “Adventure” section for me, those being “Watership Down” and “Full Metal Jacket.” I have notoriously eclectic tastes.

As I was driving back home, armed with video games and microwaveable bacon (Look, I need a break from cheesecake for breakfast.) I drove around the small pond in my apartment complex. And there, perched on a spar, a bright spot against the brown water, a belted kingfisher was sitting in the rain.

“YES!” I said, pumping a fist in the air. Totem, mascot, desperate grab for superstition–I don’t know and don’t care. I will take what signs I can. Hopefully that means he approves of my new digs.

And now, to get some work done. And try to locate where I packed my damn PS2…

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