Went to Anime Night last night, but our host Mike had just gotten a Wii, so very little anime was actually watched. Somehow I wound up boxing three rounds with friend Wes. For those who have not played the boxing game on a Wii, it’s…a little exhausting. You’re basically shadow-boxing furiously until the other guy goes down.

“Just do it like you’re really punching,” advised Mike.
“Yeah, I’ll just tap into the memory of my last fist fight, shall I…?”

Two rounds of this, and I was panting so hard my throat was raw, and Wes had managed to strain his arm. If the Wii interfaces catches on, gamers may become the most athletic section of the populace, or at least we’ll have a lot of Wii related heart-attacks.

“Oh…going for the low…blows…I see…”
“Heh…(pant, pant)…what can I say…(pant, pant)…I fight like a girl…(pant, pant)”

He won in the end, but I am proud to say that he had to work pretty hard for it. “I can’t believe you beat up a girl,” muttered our charming hostess. “Look, it wasn’t easy!” Wes protested.

Damnit, now I want one of the things…

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