Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day…

Tomorrow I get into my new apartment! AAAAAAAIIIGH!

Not that I’m, like, counting the hours or anything. (Just a few more. Just a few more.) Deb’s been fabulous, but there’s something about living with a much older friend, in their spare bedroom, that makes you feel vaguely like you’ve moved back in with your parents. Deb’s tendency towards the maternal, while much appreciated during my convalescence, doesn’t help this feeling. “Do you have enough for dinner? How about tomorrow? Do you need more food?” “Yes, Deb. I’m fine, Deb. And I’ll wear a sweater and won’t talk to any strange boys…”

Got a Digger done today, and that was about it–the rest of the day was taken up running errands with Deb and picking up the New Place Essentials (toilet paper, shower curtain rings, paper towels, trash can, dish soap…) There’s a crapload more that I’ll need, I’m sure, all of which I’m probably forgetting, but I live about five miles from a Target, so it’s all good. Light bulbs. Coathangers. Crap, I gotta make a list.  Dishwasher detergent. Bookcases.

Soon soon soon….

Nurk Two’s sample chapters and synopsis met with my agent’s approval, and will hopefully be going to the editor soon. I honestly don’t know if they’ll buy it now, or if they’ll wait until the orders start coming in for Nurk One, but I guess we’ll find out. Here’s hoping!

Soon soon soon…

I picked up some incense. I generally dislike scented candles and incense and all that crap, but there is one single variety of incense I have always loved, which is called “Kyoto Autumn Leaves,” and smells sort of like leaf burning, only…err….pleasant. James hated the stuff because he always thought the house was on fire, and then I couldn’t ever find it again. But I have located it! Life is good!

Soon soon soon….

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