Monthly Archives: August 2007

Okay. Gang, this is an honest plea for help/advice/something. I photograph like a retarded vampire chipmunk. I got some lovely tips today on photographing better from a friend, but this doesn’t do much good when it’s only me and a cheap camera that I can’t even plug into my damn machine. (“Okay…okay…figure out the time […]

So this evening, for a few minutes, assuming that I am not too drunk to work the phone (Hey, I’m still at Trinocon…) I will be on the Operation BSU talkcast again. (Details and linkies all posted about here.) I will probably talk about artistic burnout, and/or webcomics and/or all those annoying gits who call […]

I am at Trinoc-Con! Sort of! My fellow webcomics artists, may their pixels never run dry, have offered to wedge me in at their tables. My selection is limited, and I have little change, but I’ll be there–come on by, say hi, etc! (No, I’m not in California yet. I’m sorry. People keep expressing shock […]

I went to the drug store today, wearing one of my favorite shirts, which is black and says in gothic lettering across the chest “Differently Charming.” (From the great crew at Likely Stories, as a matter of fact.) The elderly clerk eyed this and said “Differently Charming? Is that politically correct for “weird”?” “Sure!” I […]