Monthly Archives: August 2007

So last night, I was a zombie! mckenzee and I hit Mebane around seven, for the filming of what was either called “Redneck Zombies of Mebane” or “Southern Undead.” (He pointed out that they missed a great opportunity to name it “The South Shall Rise Again,” to which I can only agree.) This was a […]

Saw “Stardust” at last! Cute movie. Predictably, Septimus rocked my world. Not nearly as emotionally…hmm…right…as the book, but a good deal happier, so I can see why they went for it. A good movie all around. I am still frazzled and fried and pacing the floors and tearing my hair, but today I have the […]

Five days left. Plans are made. I know what I’m doing each day. I have things to accomplish, even if it’s just caulking nail holes and packing up final boxes. My nerves are shot with waiting. I can’t eat, I can’t concentrate, I can’t paint, I can’t write. Books aren’t holding me for more than […]

Yay! Things are definitely looking up. I dropped off my car at the mechanic–long road trip, only sensible–and awaited The Call. (You know The Call. The one where you learn what the threshold of pain has been raised to this time. What was it going to be? New brakes? New tires? New transmission? New exhaust […]

Feelin’ rather better as of yesterday. (I can only sustain angst for a very limited time, thank goodness.) There are animals that will run themselves to death–rhinos, I think, die of adrenalin shock if you keep them panicked long enough*–but I’m not one of them. You can’t keep the inherently mellow down. Eventually you stop […]

Okay. I do this with extreme trepidation, but…damnit…what the hell. There are bad photos of me on the internet already, might as well try to fight the power. My buddy mckenzee who does Sinister Bedfellows (and you’re reading Sinister Bedfellows, right? Of course you are, because it’s genius.) very kindly tramped around an outdoor sculpture […]