I am roped into weird things…

I made the mistake of IMing my buddy Squid, and…err…apparently I’m going to be on the Squid’s Redoubt talkcast Sunday night. (The man is persuasive. I grant you, it consisted of “Hey, you wanna be on the show Sunday night?” but since I have the spine of a jellyfish and no plans Sunday night, it worked.)

I think I will be talking about interacting with your friendly neighborhood artist at Cons. (Squid is threatening to turn it into “how to flirt with your friendly neighborhood artist at cons.” I probably shouldn’t have mentioned my weakness for men who can talk about art history…)

If anybody’s got any points they’d love to see discussed about interacting with artists (or stuff people do that makes you, the artist, batshit crazy) I’d love to hear it.

You can listen to the cast and download past shows of Squid’s Redoubt
(If you get an account there–s’easy–you can even chat with the weirdos involved, and send in questions and whatnot.)

and there’s a blog with links and URLs and all that wacky stuff HERE.

Be warned. This show is often obscene, bitter, and full of cursing. At last, my unfortunate tendency to say “fuck” instead of “um” when I’m nervous is an asset!

You can tune in and listen to me humiliate myself tomorrow night! Musical guest is Rugged ‘N Raw (Warning, link has music)

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