Monthly Archives: June 2007

I’m a redhead! It’s not quite as purple as I was wanting–more burgandy than merlot–but that’ll get fixed on the next touch-up. It’s darker than I ever dyed it before, although not by too much. Dying your hair is a lot more fun than getting a haircut. Haircuts are always stressful for me–I spend awhile […]

I did find a couple of spare minutes to fool around with art while out in LA–all sepia-tone, fairly quick stuff. I’ll upload ’em over the next day or two, but here’s the first one! Society Quail One of my CCH’s friends informed me that the quail was faaabulous. (He was more than a little […]

Wow. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who goes after a cheap used art book like a shark smelling blood in the water. “AAAHHH! BOOKFRENZY!” Once again, if you’ve claimed a cull, send me your address with LJ handle, at ursulav (at) and I’ll get you a shipping quote! These’ll […]

It’s time to start the book cull! I don’t yet know how much book-rate shipping is gonna run–probably gonna depend on how many books anybody gets, and where they go!–but I’m currently in possession of the following and looking to sell/give away. (I’d rather send ’em off to someone who’ll use ’em then dump them […]

I return! It was a near thing for awhile there. I was in LAX–an airport the size of a city, might I add–having arrived two hours early. I strolled up to curbside check-in, rolling my pair of suitcases, confident in my ability to enjoy a leisurely if overpriced lunch. The guy took one look at […]

Note to self: If I ever do achieve my goal of a small adobe house with a courtyard covered in bouganvillea and home to hummingbirds, I will be content. I do not covet expensive cars, I don’t wear a watch, I would never waste good gardening acreage with a swimming pool, and while I am […]