Monthly Archives: June 2007

Hmm, not actually sure if the Altima will survive the tow. I’ll call the Nissan mechanic tomorrow and get his advice. It’s not worth the haul if I wind up gutting the car doing it–it’s a tough little beast, it’s in good shape, it’s paid off, and I have high hopes of milking another 70k+ […]

So the tentative move date is looking like the last week of August, and it’s off to San Jose. My roommate, the esteemable Carlota, thinks she’ll want to stay in San Jose for a year. Then she had various plans and whatnot, but she needs the year away from old surroundings and old memories–which is […]

Bopped over to DA. Saw the sheep on the front page. It already sold last night, even at the inflated pre-con price, and the comments are full of people asking “But what happens next!? Does he get home?” Hmm. I get the automatic kneejerk you-can’t-do-that-just-because-its-popular twinge from the back of my brain, but the sheep […]

“It was not me! They must know it was not me! It was the rats–the rats in the walls!”

There’s something alive in the crawlspace over my bedroom. Possibly multiple somethings. Around one ‘o clock in the morning, when Ben and I have retired to bed, and he is draped across my torso, having twitchy-pawed cat dreams, this something starts moving directly overhead. And I mean directly. It sounds like something with claws is […]