Hmm, not actually sure if the Altima will survive the tow. I’ll call the Nissan mechanic tomorrow and get his advice. It’s not worth the haul if I wind up gutting the car doing it–it’s a tough little beast, it’s in good shape, it’s paid off, and I have high hopes of milking another 70k+ miles out of it.

If it won’t fly, I may just leave all my furniture and most of my boxes with James*, ship my clothes and essential art supplies, toss a roof-rack on the Altima (and that it WILL take…) and drive out with my computer, scanner, and Mr. Printy, the three objects I cannot live without. (And possibly some dishes…) It’ll cost a few hundred to ship all the stuff, of course, but I feel a lot better about doing that than about laying out for a truck to take stuff someplace, then having to do it again a year later. Once I’m situated wherever I decide I want to be, I can either have James ship the rest out to me, or more likely, fly back to Raleigh, rent a truck, and drive it out.

I feel pretty good about that plan, too, if it comes to that. It’ll be a VERY minimalist year, maybe, but that’ll probably be good for the soul.

Does anybody know any really cheap ways to ship things? I mean, is there third-class or freight or whatever? Media mail’s fine and good, but I think they usually reserve that for…y’know…media….

*Let the record show that for a guy getting a divorce, James has been really REALLY good about things like “storing soon-to-be-ex-wife’s stuff.”

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