Working on my next print…this is a 5 x 7, which seems huge, since I’ve been fooling with these wee 3 x 4’s. We’ll see how it comes out.

On the print thing, I’ve decided that I can’t keep doing this waiting list thing. The juggling is too much, I leave people off, people get their feelings hurt, people ask to be on waiting lists for things that may never happen, and even if they did, I’m never going to remember–can’t do it. I’m an artist, not an…err…list-keeper-thing.

Plus I feel weird having people on a waiting list for art they’ve never seen–what if they hate it and feel obligated? What if I want to raise the price, but they were waiting for a $5 print? I feel weird about it.

So here’s what I’m thinkin’.

No more lists. Instead, when I get the print pulled, I’ll do like I’ve been doing and scan it in and tell people how much they’ll be going for. And then, and only then, if people so desire, they can comment ON THAT POST*  and say “I want one.” The post will stay open for several days until I get the full run pulled and know how many there are going to be, and then I will determine by random drawing who gets one.  I’ll continue to auction off the first of the edition on E-bay. If there are unclaimed prints, there won’t be a waiting list, I’ll just draw another name at random from the commenters. Sign-ups will not carry over to the next print. That way, there’s several days for people who are at work and whatever to post, nobody loses out for living in another time zone, nobody gets a print they don’t really like, everybody has an equal shot at any given print, I can charge whatever I feel I need to for that print, and I only have to juggle the who-paid-for-stuff list.

It’s about all I can think of to do. The list thing is not workin’ for me, and random mousewheeling is tedious, but it beats hurt feelings.

*Not this one. This post does not constitute a sign-up for anything.

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