Monthly Archives: March 2007

Say, do any of you crazed modifiers of things know how to get the sticky bits of a decal off a plastic package? I thought it might be cool to modify Leperlot’s packaging to reflect the horror, but after peeling off the “Crystal Princess” sticker, there’s all this schmutz, the plastic is too thin to […]

Hmm. The current Red Wombat print just isn’t working for large scale production–it was okay for a few test prints, but now I’m pulling maybe one good print out of four, and even the good ones are more imperfect than I’d like. I’m using decent paper, and I’m doing everything I did for the chicken–I […]

Today’s D&D session went badly when our Warforged (a big golemy type unique to Eberron) missed the rope to cross to another ship and fell about 200 feet into a particularly nasty and surreal area known as the Mournlands. We had to set down to rescue him, and found ourselves fighting zombie chickens and walking […]

Okay, my ankle’s gettin’ pretty painful–probably just stiff from sleeping, but still kinda swollen and definitely aching pretty good. I did elevate it during my nap, and I’ll ice it down again, but it’s hurting worse than it did shortly after the fall. It’s after five, and I’d hate to go to the emergency room […]