Aardvarks and the Abyss

So a few weeks back, I agreed to take part in the “Pimp My Aardvark” project. Looked cute, I thought, cost me nothin’, I thought.

Today I get my two rubber aardvarks in the mail, and for lack of anything better planned, decide to do one as a squash aardvark.

“Hmm,” I thought, slathering the base coat of green paint down, “there is something oddly soothing about painting a little rubber animal. This is oddly enjoyable. I wonder what other little rubber animals one can modify…”

And then my eye was drawn across the room, to my lovingly handcrafted My Little Squash Pony, and I caught a glimpse of the abyss and thought “No. The LAST thing I need is some other neat hobby to be interested in. I will paint my aardvark and think no more of such things!”

Still…I wonder if there’s a tutorial or something on-line that tells you how to mod ponies…y’know…if someone WERE interested…

(Instructions on obtaining your own pimpable aardvark can be found here.)

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