Okay…bit more interest in $5 prints than I expected! (Not that that’s a bad thing!)

So! Following a few more hours spent in the kitchen, sweating and cursing and hammering on stuff with a wooden spoon, the Exclamatory Chicken will be available in an edition of 30. Every available surface in my miniscule kitchen is covered in chicken, and I am rapidly realizing that the reason printmakers do limited runs is because there’s a definite point where you never, ever, ever want to see a particular image again.

For $5, you get a signed and numbered print on…well, on whatever media it’s on. (Seems to be mostly various watercolor paper, acid free matboard scrap, and a few other random things. Pretty sure it’s all archivalish though.) (If you’re international and in a first world country, call it $9–otherwise send me an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do.) They’re 3 x 5 on everything from 4 x 6 to 6 x 8, but generally in the 5 x 7 range, so if you wanted to frame it, you can probably use a pre-cut 4 x 6 mat.

Because these are hand-printed, there are flaws. I’m only selling ones that look pretty good, but you do get white spots and washy bits and the occasional fingerprint and touch-up spots and all kinds of things that say “Yo, this was made by hand.” I sweated and cursed over every one. Sometimes at great length.

Since I need a coupla these for gifts, and to replace any that might get damaged in mailing, I’ll be selling 25 of ’em. I guess we’ll do it first come, first serve–you want a chicken, post here, and the first 25 get ’em.

If you don’t get a print, but wanted one, I’ll A) be auctioning off 1/30, and B)  I still have another linoblock, and since I’ve yet to master the art form, AND I’m a fan of making art available cheap to people who want to start collecting but have a half-shoestring budget, I suspect I may offer another $5 print run in the future.

If you’ve posted in the first 25, send an e-mail, I take Paypal, check, money order, etc, and we’re all good.

(Mckenzee, no need to post–we’ll do a trade! Although yours are cooler than mine, so you may have to get a print or a sketch something, or I’ll feel all guilty.)


Okay, that’s all of ’em–most posters got in, except for the bottom four–sorry, laigaiem, ceosanna, quinetessialp and madfishmonger. Next time!

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