So I’m still fooling around with the chicken print, and a stack of okay-that’s-acceptable prints are starting to pile up. I’m not sure what the final size of the edition’ll be–the materials I’m printing it on are wildly variable–but I’m turning up a few here and there that I would not be ashamed to send to somebody.

Still, first attempt, very simple image, not something I could justify charging significant money for. On the other hand, I did lay out a small chunk of change in materials I’d like to recoup–and rather more importantly, what am I going to do with all these chicken prints? A couple are earmarked as gifts, but there’s still kind of a pile, and it’ll probably grow as I fool around with more media.

Soooo… would anybody be interested in an exclamatory chicken print for $5?* It’d be signed and numbered and all that.

Alternately, I could throw in a free one on any print order of $50 or more. I don’t know if anybody’d be interested in that…

Anyway, if anybody thinks that would appeal to them, let me know–don’t send money, I’m not selling them yet, I’m just trying to gauge interest at that price.

*That includes US shipping–it’d be a buck or two more overseas, but I figured $5 was a nice round number.

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