Back from the wilds of Pennsylvania!

I have very little to report, except the following thoughts on the director’s cut of LOTR.

1. It had more Faramir. I approve of this greatly, as I would not kick him out of bed for failing to hold Osgiliath.
2. Aragorn still charges a platoon of light elven archers into a much larger force of orc pikemen. I still think that’s a bad idea.
3. I want a Fellbeast. I will hug him and love him and feed him and take him for walks every day.
4. I still want to hug Elrond and tell him that everything will be okay.
4a. I still want to kick Frodo down a flight of stairs.
5. I cannot believe they cut the bit with the eagles at the end from the theatre version.
6. The hobbit homoeroticism is even worse in this version. I realize that they’re hobbits and it’s entirely platonic and all that crap, but there are only so many soulful looks you can give each other before even the most diehard Tolkien fan starts to cough and fidget uncomfortably in their chair.
7. Goddamn, Mordor takes forever to cross.

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