The Road To Hell Is Paved With Force Persuade

Enjoying KOTOR2 so far. Combat system’s a little detached–you can eat dinner during battle without missing a bite–but part of that is that I just came off a Jade Empire jag, which is basically the exact same game only with vastly improved kung fu. But generally entertaining. Recommend it so far if you can find it used.

Even if the only person in the whole damn party with a sense of humor–and that includes the Jedi–is the guy from the Sith death squad. Sometimes I think that evil triumphs because good wouldn’t know a punchline if it bit it in the ass. It’s too easy to stand up to grim people in robes. I want a game where the serious test of your alignment tells you dirty jokes until you agree to blow up the universe for a lark. I would go to the Dark Side in a heartbeat if I thought they had better dialog over there.

Naturally, the Dark Side/Light Side thing is mostly a non-issue. No survivor of Prof. West’s 8 AM philosophy classes, taught by a snarky ex-Jesuit who could convince you that down was up and up was morally indefensible will ever be even mildly interested in the cheap social darwinism of the Sith, particularly not when delivered by an NPC whose metamucil I want to spike with arsenic. And I can be kind and charitable to low-poly models ’til the cows come home, because decades of gaming have hammered into me that no milkrun, however lowly, is below me. We live for milkruns. If I ever made a game, it would be a fantasy quest to deliver a bottle of dragon milk across a continent or something.

But Force Persuade…okay…that might sink me yet. There is a seriously unholy glee that comes of waving your hand in front of someone’s face and saying “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” It’s especially bad with your own followers–“Look, I’m tired of digging through these goddamn dialog options, let me just strip-mine your skull for your tortured past and get it out of the way…”

Oh, well.

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