Yesterday, I got very little done. A coupla spot edits, a few good lines on the thing with the rosemary (one of these days I’ll figure out the title) and a section that I rewrote about four times. No, too angsty. No, too short. No, too likely to be conflated with autoerotic asphyxiation, a concern I never expected to have–but yeah, perhaps I don’t need to describe the horrors of allergies in quite such lavish detail.

Eh, when in doubt, make it funny.

Then I went and bought a used copy of Jade Empire and played it for twelve and a half hours straight. Ben supervised, and occasionally offered moral support during important fights by climbing into my lap and hugging me.

Probably gonna relax for the weekend. I begin immeditately to feel like a slacker, but c’mon, 50K in like six days, even my finely honed sense of guilt has a hard time getting that dog to hunt.

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