Hey, gang!

Need a quick suggestion–my Dad is hoping to set up a website that includes a shopping cart system for on-line ordering. (He and my stepmother sell miniatures, for dollhouses and collectors and whatnot. From what he tells me, miniature shows are as bizarre in their own way as any other convention, leading me ever closer to the belief that We Are All Weirdos In This Together.*)

While James will be the guy who probably decides what to recommend, being the computer savvy one of the family, if there are any easy and mostly automated systems for on-line ordering that any of you have experience with–or, by contrast, if there’s anything that you want to warn people away from like death, please post and let us know!

*Also, he was once on a “miniature cruise” (yes, yes, I know) which was a full-sized cruise with a lot of workshops about making miniatures. Along the way he was in an elevator with a guy who looked really really familiar. Some hours later, he discovered they were sharing the boat with a hard-hard-right-wing convention, and he’d been in an elevator with Newt Gingrich. I would love to know who was responsible for booking on that particular cruise line…

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