Digger Errata

Okay, gang, here’s the deal.

Volume 2, which is slated to go on sale tonight, has been the victim of a printing error, and it’s missing a page.

After the wailing and gnashing of teeth had subsided, here’s what we’ve got.

It will still be on sale, but at a discounted price of $14.95, so you save about a quarter of the cost.

The missing page will be included as an errata page with the book, and it can also be read on-line, here.

If you want to wait, there will be new copies in a month or so, at the full price.

If you bought a copy at Comic-Con and don’t want to hoard it carefully on the off chance that as an offprint it may some day be worth scads, Sofawolf will replace your copy when the new print run is out.

Likewise, I’ll add something of my own–if you have a misprint copy, or buy one, you can ship it to me, and I will do a drawing of your favorite Digger character in the back. (Or if you run into me at a con, or anything else.) We’re not talking the Mona Lisa, but I want to do SOMETHING, since I shoulda caught that in proofing, too.

Anyway, that’s da scoop.

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