Monthly Archives: June 2006

Went for a quick walk down to the stream again. Nature is so cool. Today, in addition to the usual suspects of cardinal, towhee, bunny, finch, nuthatch and grackle, there was a great crested flycatcher, the first one I’ve ever seen. (Thank god, it’s the only flycatcher in the South–they’re notoriously hard to tell from […]

Yesterday was productive as all hell–got a painting 9/10ths done for the Con, got some prints run off, got a Digger done, got some good writing in on Nurk. That’s “good” as in “a lot” not neccessarily “good” as in “good.” I keep losing time on it, which is generally a good sign. The surprising […]

It’s an intermittently grey-and-sunny day. The Devil was beating his wife, or the foxes had a wedding, or Coyote got lucky, or whichever peculiar colloquialism you like for the weird behavior of the rain, but now it’s settled into grey and thundery. The nasturtiums are blooming, the dahlias are coming up, there are no new […]