Monthly Archives: June 2006

Okay, last post today, I swear to god, but this one was too weird not to comment on. Driving back from the store, there’s a McDonald’s. On the McDonald’s sign, under the Golden Arches and the billions and billions served, it says–I kid you not–“POETRY NIGHT — FRIDAY 6PM to 8PM.” I am speechless–but not […]

Looks like the nominations are out for the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards this year. Digger is up for the same two categories as last year, Outstanding Black and White Art and Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic. As weird as it may sound, since we won in the black and white art category last year, I’d just as […]

The deer have pruned the Japanese maple, the blueberry, the gaillardia, and they browsed my black-eyed susans down to pitiful nubs. “Eat meat for lunch,” I told James. He sighed the sigh of a man who will be peeing into a bottle by nightfall. It is probably entirely my enthusiasm for gardening that leads me […]

Printy. Printy printy printy. WE HATES THE PRINTS, WE HATES THEM FOREVER! SSSS! Printy. Today I’m back to filling the print books, which, as I’m mentioned, is a wretchedly tedious job. Next year, I may take y’all’s advice and seek someone local to work for art to take this boring but essential task. Yesterday, driving […]

Mystery Plant and the politics of gardening.

With the growth of flowers, the Mystery Plant is at last known and classified. It’s gooseneck loosestrife. This is mixed news. On the one hand, gooseneck loosestrife doesn’t have anything like the horrors of its purple cousin. It’s an ornamental, people plant it deliberately. My patch was certainly planted deliberately, in this awful section of […]