Monthly Archives: June 2006

I know there’s a lot of bird lovers who read this blog, and this is a sad tale of a woman and her expatriate cockatiels who are trying to get home from Japan. The USDA won’t let her bring her birds in because they’re afraid of avian flu–nevermind that they haven’t had any contact with […]

Nurk is done! Well, “done” may be too grandiose. Nurk is now a reasonably coherent narrative that starts somewhere and ends somewhere else, let’s say. Earlier, goldfinches were on the gayfeather again, and the hummingbird was out. This pleases me to no end–my wildlife garden is WORKING! There they are! It really worked! I planted […]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first named squirrel! There are five–five!–squirrels out in the backyard at the moment. Four of them are, so far, indistinguished. And then there’s Walky. This was an odd one. I watched this squirrel for a couple of days before I pinned down what was nagging at my brain. Namely–this […]

Today was pretty productive. Got a Digger done, got art mailed, put in some work on Nurk. It’s almost done. I just have the big climatic final scene and the ending to go, and once I get cookin’, those shouldn’t take too long. I have no desire to make art whatsoever at the moment, since […]

I came, I saw, I weeded! Planted some jewelweed my parents gave me–god knows if it’ll live, but here’s hoping!–and took down vast quantities of sweet gum saplings and lemon balm, who have taken the absence of El Presidente as their cue to run wild. Some of these respond to pruning, but I think I […]