Nurk is done!

Well, “done” may be too grandiose. Nurk is now a reasonably coherent narrative that starts somewhere and ends somewhere else, let’s say.

Earlier, goldfinches were on the gayfeather again, and the hummingbird was out. This pleases me to no end–my wildlife garden is WORKING! There they are! It really worked! I planted things to attract them and they came! It WORKS!

Now it’s just raining.

Yesterday, there was a tiny, lovely flower in the side of the yard, among the peonies, a deep, intense blue. I was charmed. I spent part of today looking it up. It’s Asiatic Dayflower.

Of course, since it’s pretty, it’s also highly invasive and non-native. This is the way of the world. I read up on it, and noticed a lot of unflattering phrases like “Hitler-weed.” Goodness. I suppose I must rip them out–not that the vinca planted throughout the area is much better, come to that. I need a native groundcover that takes crappy alternating dry/soggy, sun and shade, and grows fast enough to matter. I hesitate to transplant the Virginia creeper, since I rather like having a house instead of a green lump.

I will tear out the dayflower, but I’m glad I got to see the little flower first. The color really is as saturated as the photo. And I’m sure, granted what I’ve heard, that the stuff will find a way to come back.

Asiatic Dayflower

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