Today was pretty productive. Got a Digger done, got art mailed, put in some work on Nurk. It’s almost done. I just have the big climatic final scene and the ending to go, and once I get cookin’, those shouldn’t take too long.

I have no desire to make art whatsoever at the moment, since I am suffering con burnout in a big way. Hopefully that will fade in a bit, since, y’know, t’art pays t’bills and whatnot.

I’m reading. Having resigned myself that writing may form some part of my future, (madness! insanity! dogs and cats living together!) I am reading books that I loved as a kid, combined with books I really enjoyed and books that I wish I’d written. At the moment, that means I’m alternating “The Rescuers” and volume 2 of “Sandman,” the one with the serial killer’s convention. Somewhere in the back of my brain, Miss Bianca is squaring off against the Corinthian. This should probably worry me.

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