I swear, nature knows when I want to plant some stuff. It’s pouring out.

I did get the beautyberry in the ground, and some of the stuff I got to test as verbena replacements. I’m trying a sample penta and portacula. If those fail, I may just swear off annuals altogether. We’ll see how they fare, though.

The hawthornes are still sitting plaintively in their tubs. We were going to finally plant them today, but the weather is not cooperating. James is taking advantage of this to do a little home carpentry. It turns out that, along with all the other skills he’s been hiding, he is a fair carpenter of at least simple stuff. He is making speaker stands. I swear to god, that boy takes shop classes when I’m not looking or something.

Thanks to his contribution, the remaining lilies survived the night. No, he wouldn’t go in the yard. He emerged from the bathroom, handed me a bottle, and said “Do what you want with this.” I think I only got that much out of him because he suspected the other option was Ursula buying a gun and sitting up waiting to cap Bambi, or worse, campaigning to finally get a dog, and he just couldn’t face either thought.

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