Have a sore throat this morning, and feeling kinda out of it. Seriously considering taking the day off after a fashion (i.e. lay around for a few hours, then get up and paint in self-defense.)

Was immediately wracked with artguilt. Taking the morning off means NOT MAKING ART. And if I’m not making art, what good am I?

Then I thought “Oh, fer cryin’ out loud. You spent yesterday from nine in the morning to midnight working on a tutorial, did a whole painting from scratch to provide the stuff for the tutorial, and finished up a Digger in the downtime while waiting for the paint to dry. Who do you think you are, Superartist? Get a grip.”

Left with the choice between spending the morning lazing around or trying to sew my own spandex costume for the next time they shine the art symbol over Gotham, I figure I’ll take the morning off.

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