The Wombat Flies At Midnight

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, weirdos and widgets…goin’ offline for a coupla days. The ‘net gods willing, I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday, but you never know, the cable guy could be struck by a low-flying wildebeest and I’ll be out longer.

I will be spending this time moving. And cutting down bindweed. In between cleaning and preparing to move today, I went out in the back and hacked at bindweed, which I have discovered is strangling a great many of my trees. Most of them were just mildly inconvenienced, but at least one had grown in a corkscrew, and some of the smaller ones may have been girdled too early to recover.

I remember why I like gardening. You genuinely feel like you’ve accomplished something. You can spend five minutes chopping and unwinding, give a coupla quick, brutal yanks, cover your head while bindweed falls on you from on high, and then walk away content in the knowledge that you have made that tree’s world a better place.

So, until next time…!

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