We return from the ER!

They were very nice. Cary, never known for its running gunbattles, had even left off the car accidents for the evening, so it was deader than dead and only took about two hours all told.

That miracle of medical mystery, my husband, has baffled doctors.* It looks like a break, it hurts like a break, it’s localized like a break, it’s swollen like a break, but it X-rays like a happy foot. Best guess is some kind of truly nasty sprain. He’s got crutches, painkillers, a weird flat-soled boot, and the number of an orthopedic specialist to call if he isn’t back to normal in a week.

I am very much relieved it isn’t broken, and I appreciate all y’all’s suggestions in prior entries!

*Okay, one very nice doctor. Who appeared to be younger than I was. Kids, this is one of the signs you’re getting old.

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