Twitchy rides again!

We played D&D for the first time in ages, and hopefully will be doing so again soon. We’ve lost a coupla players to moves, so James is joining us, taking the reins of Inky the tattooed warrior, who sporadically vanishes and wakes up somewhere else with no memory, due (probably) to a cursed mace we dug up from under a pigpen.

With his usual practical and somewhat novel thinking, James decided that he would place his mace in the fire when we bedded down, so that if he was sleepwalking with the thing, he’d grab it, burn himself, and wake up. This would have been a great plan if we hadn’t been attacked by a bear in the middle of the night, forcing him to grab the red-hot mace using…Twitchy the elf’s soiled underwear as a glove. (And they laughed when I kept “soiled underwear” listed on my character sheet! HA! Who’s laughing NOW!?)

Our other major highlight was our attempt to interrogate a brigand with no tongue. Props to our GM for expressive “Auughh!” noises and mime. In an effort to be merciful and not kill him, we then left him tied to a tree with a pair of corpses, gagged with a bear steak, wearing a note saying “I am a cutthroat. Do not free me.” The quality of mercy is always weird, when we’re involved.

It’s good to be back in the geek saddle again!

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