And 2006 is off to a rousing start, as we solve a long-time mystery at last!

Hearing thumping from outside, I acted with my usual cat-like reflexes–“Huh? Wha? Oh, hey, is there something out there…?”–and hurried to the glass to flip on the light switch.

And there it was, revealed at last, our long-time trash bandit–Procyon lotor, the good ol’ raccoon.

It blinked up at us. I said “Oo! A raccoon!” James, watching the agonizing and drawn out end-game of “Shadow of the Colossus,” and thus at a low spiritual ebb said “Unngnghhh…” We went out and bungie-corded the lid down, while the leaves rattled and crashed as the furry renegade lumbered off. (He was a well-fed city raccoon–“lumber” is definitely the operative word.)

I feel gratified to at last know the identity of my trashcan nemesis.

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