Monthly Archives: December 2005

Orc Nouveau, take two! I started from scratch this time, and was much more pleased. WARNING! CONTAINS ORC BOOBS! If not a DA member, try:

I am bummed that I couldn’t pull the color scheme together on this one–the idea makes me so happy. I may have to start over with another composition and try a different color scheme or something, but for now, I can at least share the scrap. Maybe the problem is the lizard. Orc chicks […]

Egad! I have been sent a lovely gift, and I can’t find the e-mail of the sender! So, Theodotus, if you’re reading this–the urban stalgamite is cool and weird (and now I’m contemplating parking structures turning into caves) and the dodo statue is charming and has joined the geekosphere atop my monitor. Thank you! It […]