The monocular is interesting and a bit tricky. It requires more precision than the wide-angle binoculars, and I suspect I’ll need at least as much practice as I did with the binoculars at first. Because it’s so precise, it’s a lot harder to figure out where exactly you’re looking–but goddamn, you can see it closely when you get there! I can see the tops of the trees in stark detail!

I anticipate many happy hours peering into the woods behind the yard and thinking fondly of my grandfather’s poker skills.

Oddly, I’m at loose ends today. There are a few projects I can/should work on, I don’t need more work, but none of them are direly urgent (well, most of them are Christmas presents, frankly, but everybody expects to get their stuff in January anyway.) Need to get another Digger done to bump up the buffer for Christmas, but nothing huge. I do not having the looming feeling of You Must Be Working On THIS, Right Here! in my brain, anyway. It’s peculiar. I should probably go sketch or something.

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