Morning Report

The unsettlingly happy squirrel is out on the deck, grooming himself with great gusto, and still a little happier than one wants a male squirrel to be. Unless one’s a female squirrel, presumably.

His happiness is untroubled by either the frosty temperatures or his gaping head wound, a small bald and bloody patch behind his left ear. Something may have bitten him–it’s small and oddly located for a botfly hole. It doesn’t seem to be crampin’ his style, though. I don’t know if I’d be in that kind of mood if I had a gaping head wound, but then, I’m not a male squirrel.

Last night, in a five hour spasm of insanity, I finished the giant naked mole rat piece, which will require photography to upload, which won’t happen until after Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why I was so driven to get it done last night–I would have had a good four days upon our return to work on it–but it was very late and I was exhausted, and it just hit that kind of mental critical mass where it becomes easier to prop myself up against the easel and keep flailing than try to stop.

Today, more trip prep. Woo.

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