Today was one of those days when I got so much done, I feel like Superwoman.

This happens virtually never, so it’s notable. Today I ran off prints, mailed ten sets of prints, ran off more prints, hand-delivered three more sets of prints (all at Mr. Toad’s, so it’s only the one trip, but still) scoured toy stores for specific Harry Potter Legos for Max, bought organic candy and a Spiders of the World poster(also for Max) scanned and uploaded a sketch, sold said sketch, sold the Mouse Dryad (okay, that required only answering an e-mail, but still, das’ a good feeling) answered a bunch of e-mail, set up more print orders, did the fourth Digger in a week, picked up prescriptions, vaccuumed the house, got various routing numbers from the bank, paid bills, and slapped down some more paint on a huge 24 x 36 painting of a naked mole rat that, in a fit of total psychosis that I cannot even recall the justification for, I blithely promised the owner of the Toad that I would have done in time for her grand opening Nov. 2nd.

So it was a productive day. Also, I can’t feel my brain.

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