Hmm. I am, once again, thinking of getting an airbrush, since there are all these things I’d like to do with real media that I am increasingly aware Will Not Happen unless I get one. (I may wind up hating the things, but I’d at least like the option to hate it in person.)

I will go lay out a hundred and fifty bucks for a bottom of the barrel airbrush and compressor if I must, but it occurs to me, before I do, that I have lots of readers who are also prone to my tendency of picking up random art supplies and using them long enough to realize that they hate them.

So! Just on the off chance, anybody got a working airbrush they aren’t using? I’d be happy to trade art, or do part art, part cash, or whatever.


It was weird–I’ve been working on a painting all day, of tuber houses, and I’m totally stoked, I love these tuber houses, I’m thrilled by them, I’m workin’ all day, and suddenly, with an almost mechanical mental click, my brain said “We’re done with this painting for today.”

“But it’s only four!” I protested to my brain.

“Yeah. Doesn’t matter. We’re done. If you continue, we will make you hate this painting, and then it’ll NEVER get done.”

I’m baffled. It’s not a bad painting. I was quite excited about it. I’m delighted by all these tuber-house notions. I had ideas for a whole slew of paintings. But suddenly, I was Done. I just hope it’ll be okay again tomorrow, and that this painting is not permanently halted, as sometimes happens.

My brain is a jerk.

Edit: James points out that I will also need an air compressor, so again, if anybody has such a beast used and would be willing to trade art…

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