Went in to update my renter’s insurance to reflect that we’ve got an assload more computer equipment, furniture, priceless broken toaster, etc. Reasonably painless, quite inexpensive. Asked about fine art rider. For forty or fifty bucks a year, they’ll cover my quite extensive art collection. This is a Good Thing.

They need an itemized list with descriptions, however.

This is a…less good…thing…

We have a LOT of art. Standing in the living room, I can see thirty one pieces from here. There is an entire closet in the studio jammed with more art. This is the inevitable result of being an artist–you do a lot of art, you trade a lot of art, you get given a lot of art, you pick up a few random prints at the antique store and a neat mask or two on e-bay, and suddenly you’ve got a collection that prices out at more than you make in a good year and you think “Wait–I’m poor!–how did this HAPPEN?”* Art has congealed around me like meaningful dried Cheez-Whiz. Since I couldn’t afford my own art collection in a million years if I had to actually buy it, insurance suddenly seems like a really really good idea.

But good lord, there’s a lot of it to go through. Hundreds of pieces, at the very least–there’s a good seventy reduction prints from my parents wedged in the closet, to say nothing of the heaps and stacks of my own work. I am daunted. Erf.

*Not that you could sell it for that much, but if you tried to replace it, oy.

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